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Harbor City Elementary 


1377 Sarno Rd. Melbourne, FL. 32935 
(321) 253-5051 ext. 2

Coordinator: Lydia Reynolds ​

Hours: M-TH 2:30PM-6:00PM & Friday 1:15PM-6:00PM 

Open on all 2018-2019 student school days.

Overarching Theme: Inquiring Minds  11/5/18-2/22/19

​12/3/18-1/25/19 PBL: Earth Science  

Primary Badge: Kid Quest

Intermediate Badge: Geoscience​​​​​​

December 2018 Newsletter Harbor City.pdf
11/28/2018 1:56 PMForschino.Todd@District Child Care
January 2019 Newsletter Harbor City.pdf
1/7/2019 7:24 AMForschino.Todd@District Child Care


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